The Component

by The White Whale

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released January 18, 2012

Produced by The White Whale
Copyright © 2011 Scratch Pop Music


all rights reserved



Scratch Pop Music [a publishing company] Richmond, Virginia

Scratch Pop Music is a publishing company.

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Track Name: Sarah Brawley & Smiley/The White Whale - Love Like Your Love
Everywhere I go,
I just want you here
(I just want you here with me)
Everywhere I go,
I can't find a love
That is your love (you're waiting for me)

You can run run,
You can run away,
Rip out the page
and we'll start a new story.
I know you're thinkin' 'bout me.
I know you'll always be.
Doesn't matter where the past has been,
I know where we're headed within,
I know you're thinkin' 'bout me.
I know you'll always be.

Everywhere I go,
I just want you here
(I just want you here with me)
Everywhere I go,
I can't find a love
That is your love (you're waiting for me)

And I know you're thinkin' -
Thinkin' about me.
I know you're thinkin' -
Thinkin' about me
ohhhh ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh

You got the soft touch,
Make my blood rush.
And don't say, don't say
You can come back to love...
Come back to love.

At the end of this path that we're on,
The time gone won't seem so long.
Don't you want to come back? (come back)
I know that you're missin' that (come back, missin' that)

Everywhere I go,
I just want you here
(I just want you here with me)
Everywhere I go,
I can't find a love
That is your love (you're waiting for me)
Track Name: You and I Could Get Away
In my whole life,
You were all I asked for.
In my whole life...

I know you're thinking about me,
We could get away.
I know you're thinking about me,
Why don't we - why don't we get away.
Track Name: Baby Black Swan
My lyrics are like bad blow anyday,
Always askin' me, "how did he get that mad flow?"
Anyway I can
I'm in the band man,
I'm always new,
and never cookin' up in a fryin' pan.

Catch me in Louisianna,
Throwin' up my hands,
You can see me with that band,
Party up in-up in Atlanta.

It just began like a bad ballet,
And in my hands is that K-Bombay.
I press hard but I never foul play,
Cook w/cabernet you know that passion players say,

"You're on the inner circle?
Fuck it -
I'm on the outside roundin' up you suckers by the bucket."

?ou want to load it up against this white boy?
I hope you brought back more than a stirring cup of white noise.
You're like a paint can every day and night boy.
Like a tick-tick-tick-tock toy

Yeah them kids is already bored of you,
Up on the shelf back you go
Just a decoy, so...

If it snows, Snow Plow brought it on,
If it flow, then it's The White Whale floatin' up to Taiwan,
and beyond,
Like past the Sichuan,
Yo come-on Baby Black Swan,
Sift it out and out,
keep it pure for Exxon, Baby Fawn
We party every day, we keep it goin' on,
We keep it goin' on.

I never said I'd give you profound lyrics,
I said I'd flip you upside down and watch you bounce to it,
And so now you bounce to it.
Track Name: I Admire You LMFAO, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Adele
And I admire you,
and everything you do,
I admire you,
And everything you do.
Yo I'm sexy and I know it,
Yo I'm laughin' off my ass,
'Cause it must have been some real nerve gas.
That gave these nerd real bad brass.
Either that,
or the chronic-ist of grass,
Either way I'll pass,
But I gotta give 'em credith though,
I admit it,
Even though these kids lack a bit of wit,
I acquit 'em, shit-
Yo they've been the number one hit for too long, ha!
Takin' on chart bit- by massive bit.
Like a double nit brace and bit, OH!
More tightly nit than a parity error
or another mother fuckin glitch
-so I quit it.
And it's true We Found Love, Rihanna,
Smooth fit like a glove,
A million trillion fans in my way -
that I'd shove,
To get a moment w/the R&B Dove, low - ha!
Yo she's hot like lava, Spiked up -
A Strawberry Guava Princess in my life I'm going, uh-
Yo, make me in to say my prayers,
Every day and night, Lord, I grin it and I bare,
and I swear it:
I speak in no error,
But beware if I'm true - that's my love affair.
Every day.
Oh well, the Adele Set Fire to the Rain,
In the hell I admire that simple pain
and react slow,
because what I'm sayin' insn't plain, boy, if you know it -eh.
She got a voice full of rage,
A fist full of shame and anguish,
Speakin' in that Brittish Old Language,
and languished,
I swear I'd damn it if I Lambed - yo

The One That Got Away, Katy Perry, Every Day
I think I'd swear how that voice keep it there-
A voice of Gold could be marinated, based in back in black,
Keep me basic in my mold.
But Truth be told,
She basic block of that mic
Keep it locked down and controlled,
An iron mold of mire,
But that's just the simple love of Bass Boy Choir.
Track Name: Ballicueax New Year's Eve Blowout Theme Song!
Suz Loco, Scratch Pop Music, The White Whale, Sharad Shankar...

Come on people now,
It's New Year's Eve!
Throw your hands up! (come on)
Can we party like the New Year?
Then tip your glass up!

Party at Ballicueax,
Oh no
Better bring that swagger though - oh
He's badder than a Van Gough,
Aperpo to bring that ragged flow to that show,
Always fresh
No Plateau
Keep that solo fo going thogh.
Yo Happy New Year
I can see Crystal Clear that way
It's no question when you commandeer it,
Kick it into high gear with the baddest engineer in Virginia dear.
So..Come on People..


So -
Throw your hands up in the air everybody,
If you really didn't care,
Then I dare,
All these hotties
Move their bodies to that dance square,
But beware,
Like me? I'm a black bear,
Mixed with Fred Estare,
Movin' movies like it's always like always-
Yo it's truly rude,
Keep them hands clappin' while the snare dance too! huh!
You see I could repair you
Like the Lord's Prayer
I take away that dispair-
But don't stop, 'cause it's likely there.
[chorus x2]